A common pitfall when creating an advert is to try to catch everybody. "Our service is for everyone" is a typical response. However, when you advertise to everyone, no-one is listening.

A real life example is a salesperson talking in the middle of a shopping center to anybody who is listening.... only no-one is listening. If however that salesperson were to single out one person, stop them and talk: that person would listen to everything that was said.

It is a far better tactic to single out one particular type of person and advertise to them. Be as specific as you can and the advert will almost write itself.

Who is this person; why specifically do they need your service; why do they need it now; how much do they earn; how old are they; can they afford your service; why would they choose you over your competitor? - All of these questions, and more, need to be answered.

Conventional advertising is prone to intensifying the behavior to shout to everyone. Often you have to print large runs and distribute to as many people as possible. However with SnalMal you can specifically target newly moved in residents. Now you can tailor your message to a particular type of person. (You can even tell what sort of income they have, based on the value of the property)

You could write a very personal letter, introducing yourself and your service. You know they have recently moved in, you know they are likely to want X-service - now is the time to contact them before they decide to use your closest competitor.