How will this help my business?

If you have a business that relies on local trade, you need to ensure you have an offline marketing strategy to target local customers.

When someone moves into an area they need to know about your services.

Think not that there are new customers in your area - but that lots have just moved out. Your customers are leaving you - ensure you replace them.

Be the first to introduce yourself and your services. When someone moves in, are they likely to want your service? If so, make sure you tell them about yourself.

How much does it cost?

Essentially we charge a simple flat rate of £1 per card sent. This includes all printing, addressing and postage costs.

We may be able to discuss a reduced rate for mass orders - Mass orders are typically over 1500 addresses.

We also offer a "data only" service where we can provide you with a spreadsheet of the addresses. This is priced at 50p per address.

What do I get for my money?

We identify all the sold properties in your selected area, excluding any properties you don't want to include (semi-detached for example)

We can arrange the advert artwork for you if you cannot provide any.

We then manage the printing of the postcard, addressing all the postcards individually, paying for postage and finally sending the postcards.

Why should I choose post over email?

Think about the mail you receive now - it's not like the old days when you would receive more junk mail than actual post - that's now moved to email. You actually read those odd leaflets that pop through your door - well, so will your customers.

Now think about all that email you receive. How much of it goes straight into your junk mail? How much do you not even open?

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form on the register page.

Can I cancel this service?

You can! Simply tell us. That month we won't process your postcards, and you won't be billed. If you're really worried, simply remove your card from the admin area - we can't charge you if it's not there!

When do you charge my card?

We charge your credit card immediately before sending out your postcards. We only charge the agreed amount with you and never beyond your agreed budget.

Where do you get the addresses from?

The Land Registry publish the data on Data produced by Land Registry © Crown copyright 2013.

When did they move in?

The data we receive is for the month prior to last month. So if we were in March we would have the data for January.

Why don't I get the addresses myself?

You can! You can download the data like we do. Only there are often near to 100,000 properties sold in England every month - we sort them for you. We save you having to know every postcode in your area and picking out each address to use.

What happens when I register?

Once you register, you will be immediately logged into the admin area.

Simply add a credit card - you will not be charged anything until we have agreed with you a postcard strategy.

We will contact you as soon as we can to discuss your offline marketing strategy such as how many you want to send, in what area and what sort of budget you have.