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Advertise to new homeowners in your area in your town in your city

Welcome to the neighbourhood - let me introduce myself…

When people buy new houses, they usually need to get all kinds of work done - from building, plumbing, painting, rewiring and carpentry, to deep cleaning and garden landscaping.

They also need to know where to find local businesses such as garages, picture framers and hairdressers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily target all the new homeowners in your area, and let them know about your services - before your competitors do?

With SnalMal you can

Each month we send all new homeowners in your selected area a postcard advertising your business. It’s as simple as that.

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3 reasons to choose SnalMal


Reach new homeowners in your area

Everyone needs to find out about local services when they move house - SnalMal helps you reach that market. Just enter your target postcode (where do you want to attract new customers?), set a radius around it (how far do you want to reach?), and we’ll send your customised postcard out each month to all the new homeowners within that area. Prices start at £1 per postcard.


Be the first to contact them

Once you’ve signed up with SnalMal, your postcard will be sent out automatically each month to every new homeowner in your chosen area. This way you’re likely to be the first to contact them - before your competitors get the chance to - without the need for any further effort on your part.


Better than email

It may sound strange in this age of digital communication, but traditional mail is actually far more likely to be read than unsolicited email, caught in spam boxes or simply ignored - which makes this kind of offline marketing technique well worth investing in.

We were reluctant at first; it seemed a step back from email, but the results have been great in comparison.

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Find the Right Pricing Plan For You

Data Only

just the addresses

  • 50p / address
  • Set a budget
  • Any area
  • CSV file
  • Custom database queries


automatic monthly sends

  • £1 / postcard sent
  • Postcards, letters or greeting cards
  • Set a budget
  • Custom database queries
  • Postage paid
  • Printing paid
  • Free email support

Marketing Agency

for your client

  • 75p / postcard sent
  • White label - no reference to SnalMal
  • 25% Discount
  • Same as business
  • 37p / address
  • 25% Discount
  • Same as data only

If you want your material to really stand out - we also offer a custom design service.

Do you need a more custom approach?

If, for instance, you’re a landscape gardener, then sending an introductory postcard to someone who has moved into a flat or apartment is going to be a waste of time. But if you choose our custom option we can set up a service tailored to you, using custom queries.

Perhaps you only want to target owners of properties valued over a certain amount? That’s no problem.

We can also offer different print options - maybe you’d rather send a letter than a postcard?

There were houses sold in England last month, make sure you target the right ones.

Property Types

Freehold or Leasehold

New or Existing

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