When supplying artwork for us to print, we expect it in certain formats.

A4 Letter

If you want us to send an A4 letter you can send a Word document. You need to leave a blank area 7cm wide x 4cm deep (positioned 4.5cm from the top and 1.3cm from the left side of your document) for us to insert the required name and address details. You must also leave a margin on the left hand edge - here we add a tracking barcode.

Other that, the rest of the space is yours.


If you want us to send a postcard, you must supply a PDF file.

The printable area is 204 x 142mm and you should design your artwork in CYMK. RGB colours will be converted to CMYK.

Go Wild! There are no constraints with the front of a postcard!

Your previously printed material

If you have some previously printed material, like a brochure, you can send them to us to send out for you. This will obviously require custom pricing as postage costs will vary depending on the material you want to send.

Alternatively you can purchase our data only option, where we simply send you the addresses in a spreadsheet. You can then send the promotional material yourself.