Every day customers local to you are leaving the area. You must replace them with the people moving in.

Your customers move home for various reasons: they change jobs; have kids; retire and downsize; children move out; want a bigger house;

The most logical way to replace those customers is to advertise to the people moving into their vacated property.

Many of these new residents will be new to the area. They are actively looking for replacement services they used to have in their old area.

They're not loyal to your competition; they don't even know them. These new residents are actively searching for new businesses to replace the ones they left behind - make sure you're the first they try. All you have to do is keep them!

At SnalMal we can enable you to contact people who have just moved into your catchment area in several methods:

  • Postcard
  • Letter
  • Greetings Card
  • Or .... do you have another option?

Get in contact today and start gaining new customers.